Analytics to Action Strategies (ATAS)

People Centric Digital Transformation

Too often

Digital transformation and innovation initiatives fail as corporations get caught up with buzzwords and activities that do not achieve a positive ROI.  These include promoting digital transformation through unstructured workshops and talks or innovative ideas that do not progress beyond the initial enthusiasm. As such, much time, efforts and funds are wasted with employees, management and other stakeholders becoming disillusioned along the way.

For such initiatives to work

An environment needs to exist where business users / subject matter experts (SMEs) are genuinely encouraged by C-suite / senior management to speak out about innovative and transformative ideas without favour or fear of failure.

Our ATAS programme

creates such an environment with a well-structured knowledge transfer upskilling programme where SME-led teams are guided by seasoned trainers and mentors

This is followed by an internal data-focused hackathon (datathon) that delivers optimal Minimum Required Deliverable (MRD) or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of potential solutions that can address the identified business challenges

In the process,  multi-disciplinary participating team members form a closer bond with each other that lasts beyond the datathon, as well as with their mentors whom they interact with actively upon entering the programme. As a result, motivated and balanced teams are formed with the best ideas identified and selected for development after the datathon i.e. during the pilot project phase.

The ATAS programme comprises the two following stages

Stage 1: Team Onboarding

This stage sets the direction, scope and expectations of the datathon along with identification of key stakeholders that include participating teams.

By the end of this stage, expected benefits will include:

  • Identification of (Unknown) Challenges, Solutions and Opportunities
  • Uncovering of Business Data Champions (Subject Matter Experts)
  • Awareness of data-driven approach to problem solving
  • Promotion of Multidisciplinary Collaboration Culture

Stage 2: Incubation and Internal Datathon

In addition to the actual datathon itself, this stage prepares participating teams and other stakeholders to achieve the best possible outcome from the event.

By doing so, the following benefits can be expected following the end of the stage:

  • Subject Matter Experts upskilled in data visualisation and able to derive actionable insights.
  • Easier retention of key talents.
  • Identification of Pilot Project Candidates.
  • Datathon is internationally endorsed and powered by OpenCertHub.

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