Introduction to Big Data Analytics

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At First Glance

Big Data is a misunderstood opportunity. It is not just about complex algorithms, line of codes or privilege just for Data Scientist and professionals from technology background. Big Data requires professionals such as accountants, human resources, marketing and operation in providing the bridge between data science and the business because of their commercial skills and broad training. In Malaysia, Big Data tops the ranking as the most demanding competencies in terms of digital skills (LinkedIn, 2017). 

More and more businesses will know the importance of Big Data. Eventually, your customers, clients and competitors will become data literate and choose to be data driven. With Big Data knowledge, you are giving more reasons for businesses to choose you.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand what exactly is data and how it works
  • Know the differences between Data and Big Data
  • Understand the availability of big data technologies which could implement for your organization or department
  • The know-how of hiring data literate talents in their organizations or get hired
  • Digital Transformation initiatives always start with Data Driven Decision culture

Who Should Attend

  • Business Owners
  • Head of Department
  • Managerial Roles
  • Accountants or Finance Professionals
  • Human Resource
  • Digital Transformation Team

Benefits and Potential

You can use Big Data to either cut cost or improve revenue. For instance:

  • Allow businesses to zoom in on client’s preferences even more 
  • Transform certain departments, roles or function in your organisation from a cost centre to profit centre
  • Save hundred of thousands by investing on technologies which are commercially feasible 

Course Outline

  • Big Data and You
  • History of Big Data
  • The relevance of data to you and your practice/career
  • Introduction to IR 4.0
  • Introduction to Blockchain & Fintech
  • The Journey of Data Analytics
  • Myth - 1. What is Data?
  • Myth - 2. Is Big Data just a database
  • Overview of Big Data process
  • Importance of subject matter experts in Data Analytics
  • Stages of Data Analytics
  • Data analytics in different stages
  • Fundamental of Data Visualisation
  • The use cases of analytics in various function or department
  • Importance of subject matter experts in Data Analytics
  • Introduction of AI, Machine Learning and RPA
  • Showcase of AI & ML in your daily life
  • RPA adoption to save time in repeatable tasks
  • What is the driving force behind AI & ML
  • Are we going to be replaced by AI?
  • Availabilities of Technologies and Tools for BIg Data purpose
  • Analyse data with Open source Tools (R and Phyton)
  • Data analytics using cloud solution AWS / Azure / Google Cloud
  • Data Management and Risk Control
  • Understand the value of data leak to a company. (Case study)
  • Certified Data Sources and its components
  • Data Driven Decision (DDD) Organisation
  • Case Study : Building an effective analytics organisation
  • DDD by IT vs DDD by Businesses (relevent department or division)
  • Agile methodology in DDD deployment


Return completed form to or Whatsapp to 016-6891693

       Jack Lee        Big Data Trainer

Trainer's Profile

Jack has 20 years of working experience which includes deploying digital transformation solution and leading various departments to realise technology adoption plan in timely manner which include Network Infrastructure upgrade, manages server migration and deploy ERP for SMEs.

He also involves in ERP system functional design and inventory audits. In his recent years, Jack actively engages in the field of Big Data and Analytics.