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Although spreadsheet are extremely valuable in business, it has limited capabilities in terms of Data Analytics and Visualisation. As the world changes faster than ever, it is common that your stakeholders want accurate insights quickly for better decision making purpose. 

Therefore, you need to leverage on BI (Business Intelligence) tools such as Tableau to drive answers from data quickly. You will be surprised with the time saved to prepare reporting or dashboards through BI tools as compared to any spreadsheet programmes. In this course, you will grasp the fundamental approaches in Data Analytics and  Visualisation and apply them in your workplace.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand what exactly is data and how it works
  • Identify business problems prior to analytics
  • Understand the concept of data cleansing is crucial prior to analytics activities
  • Able to make use of Tableau, a business intelligence tool effectively for business purpose
  • Convert data into visualised dashboard and show-case to decision makers

Who Should Attend

  • Managerial roles
  • Executives
  • Human Resource
  • Data or Business Analysts
  • Accountants or Finance Personnels
  • Digital Transformation Team

Benefits and Potential

  • You can help decision makers to absorb high amount of data 60,000 times faster in visualisation than text in spreadsheet.
  • You can spell the difference between increased lossess or maximised gains through patterns and trends revealed by data visualisation.
  • You can replace traditional graphs and charts in spreadsheet with interactive visualisation to get actionable analysis and deeper insight.

Course Outline

  • Fundamentals and Use Cases in Data Analytics
  • Application of Data Analytics for Corporate & SME Clients
  • Concept of Data Cleansing
  • The Use Cases of Tableau as a Self-service Business Intelligence Tool
  • Master the Fundamentals of Tableau

Module 1 : Connecting to Data Source such as Excel Spreadsheet

Module 2 : Data Cleansing – Essential Step prior to any analytics 

Module 3 : Filter Data to discover new insights such as Top 10 

Module 4 : Perform and automate calculation faster than most Spreadsheet tools 

Module 5 : Hierachy and grouping of multiple dimensions to drill down  business trends and patterns quickly 

Module 6 : Analyse data thorugh forecasting (predictive analysis) 

Module 7 : Visualise your clients’ data into story that can be understood by your stakeholders 

Module 8 : Do’s & Don’ts in Tableau Deployment


Return completed form to or Whatsapp to 016-6891693

Trainer's Profile

Jack has 20 years of working experience which includes deploying digital transformation solution and leading various departments to realise technology adoption plan in timely manner which include Network Infrastructure upgrade, manages server migration and deploy ERP for SMEs.

He also involves in ERP system functional design and inventory audits. In his recent years, Jack actively engages in the field of Big Data and Analytics.