Our Mission

6Biz Academy was established to help up-skill non-tech talents in data literacy so that they can employ data-driven approaches in their analytical tasks, operational routines and business decision-making

With the availability of more user friendly tools for analytics that include “free to use” choices, boosting data literacy competence for existing employees becomes a feasible and cost-effective option for organisations compared to the traditional approach of hiring an expert (technical) data scientist.

At the same time, accounting and non-tech professionals can now gain an unfair advantage to stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive employment market.

In line with this, we prepare our students (including those with beginner data skills) to become Citizen Data Scientists, via international industrial recognition certification, offered by our overseas partner.

Ultimately, 6Biz Academy aims to up-skill and match the right data talents for businesses so that more data-driven decision-making organisations will surface, in the era of digital transformation.

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